Exploring Quest For Infamy: Dev Diary Round Up

by on Jun.16, 2014, under developer diary, featured, quest for infamy

Over the past month we shared various Quest For Infamy developer diaries. These introduced the viewer to the title’s gameplay features and lore. This aims to be a recap/repository of sorts, summarizing each week’s worth of content with links to the individual entries that were published.

We start off with a look at the main character himself, how strong is 5 mg of cialis Roehm, who is not your typical fantasy hero. Rather, he’s more of a anti-hero and only looks after number 1. This does not generic cialis professional mean Roehm is irredeemable though, as often the best characters are the more complex ones.

What good is an adventure without a story? This entry focuses on the events leading up to the game and tackles Quest For Infamy‘s lore.

One of Quest For Infamy‘s most impressive features is its sheer size. While most adventure games feature anywhere between 30-50 screens, Roehm’s journey will have him explore over 200 hand-drawn locations.

Finally there’s the combat, with three classes to choose from Roehm will have several options to choose from when fighting. Will your Quest for Infamy lead you down the path of a Brigand, Sorcerer or that of a Rogue?

From exploration and diplomacy to combat and puzzle solving, there’s something for everyone in Quest For Infamy. Are you ready to .Good and fairly cheap product, viagra mail order usa. Our Online Canadian Pharmacy helps you find the real deals at mail-order and online pharmacies. become infamous?

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