Heroes & Legends: The Characters

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Heroes and Legends is the latest Phoenix Online Publishing RPG uk viagra sales addition. We will be exploring the Conquerors of Kolhar through casual fantasy journey. Previously, we presented the gameplay in Heroes & Legends and the creatures you will encounter. Today, we will revise stories, motivations and fighting styles of our heroes.

The core contingent is the starting trio: Allen online order propecia the Paladin, Benedict the mage, Yaha the fighter. They’ve been sent to go find the artifact that will save the kingdom from the coming cataclysm.




A man of great faith. He has pledged his life to the serve Queen Sijsen, which positions him as the leader of the group. He features an imposing figure cheapest propecia sale uk and is single-minded in pursuit of his goals. In true paladin fashion, Allen starts with healing and defensive spells, though as he levels, offensive spells like Holy Spear and Poison become available.





The fierce, twitchy fighter. She is in it for the love of combat. Whether wielding firearms or broadswords, her prowess in battle is unmatched. Yaha doesn’t always like Allen’s hesitations, preferring the direct method of striking first and asking questions later. Due to this her abilities are Great supplement and I love the packaging! 40mg cialis we’re a company that is dedicated to providing you the high-quality prescription medication you need. mostly offensive. Included in her repertoire is the battle cry which confuses enemies and the power hit which deals massive damage to a single foe.





Considered arrogant and self-important, feeling the group’s quest of seeking out the artifact is beneath him. Raised by mages, he was expected to excel in all forms of magic. Though the rest of the group wishes he would show more humility, his abilities cannot be denied.. Being a magic user, Benedict favors magical weapons, staves and wands. He has some devastation group damage attacks like Fireball, which pummels the whole line of enemies with a bright blaze, or Blizzard, which freezes up  enemies and prevents them from attacking.



Creating a trifecta of defense, offense and magic, these heroes form the basic party structure and the perfect introduction to the game’s combat system. As the story progresses new characters are added to the party which feature their own set of versatile skills. We will explore the remaining two members next week, we’ll also take a closer look at the world of Kolhar itself.

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