Heroes & Legends Round Up

by on Aug.18, 2014, under featured, Heroes And Legends

Over the past weeks we’ve been analyzing Cuve Games’ upcoming casual Fantasy RPG, Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar. Today we would like to list all of these entries in an easy to use repository.



The Gameplay

An overview at the gameplay in Heroes & Legends. Here we discuss the combat, skills and the crafting system. We also check the leveling  system and how stats work.



The Enemies

Heroes & Legends features over 100 different enemies which are divided into four base types. Though there are variations on these, this entry will help players recognize what type of foe they are facing and how to best prepare against them.


The Main Heroes

Creating a trifecta of defense, offense and magic, these heroes form the basic party structure and the perfect introduction to the game’s combat system.






Additional Heroes

As the story progresses new characters are added to the party which feature their own set of versatile skills. These include Tysha, who can charm enemies and Jamon, a Grenk who join your party and fights against his own people.




Heroes & Legends launches on August 21st. With a strong focus on combat and randomized events, this fantasy RPG will have challenge even the most experienced player.

Gonçalo Gonçalves
Social Media Associate
Phoenix Online Studios

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