Video Games Wanted

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Phoenix Online Publishing is currently looking for new and exciting video games to publish. If you’re a talented developer working on a new project be sure to submit us your idea.We’re looking for games from every genre and for every platform, and want to help developers create and introduce their vision to a wider audience.Gonçalo GonçalvesSocial Media AssociatePhoenix Online Studios

Phoenix Online Publishing is currently looking for new and exciting video games to publish. If you’re a talented developer working on a new project be sure to submit your game. (continue reading…)

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Congratulations POIsonous Suffer winners!

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Congratulations to our five finders of the Cedric Suffer!


and Hbech!

And here’s the image for the Cedric Suffer mousepads! I love what our artist Matt did with the snake.

Nice work on finding this one, which was a little trickier than the last two! Want to know how they did it?

If Graham returns all the items that he can to their original owners/places where he found them, he will find himself in possession of the dreaded Cedric Suffer! Specifically, Graham can return these items: the real painting & horn, the shovel, the tinderbox, the harp, and the drum.

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The Many Deaths of Episode 4 Winners!

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Congratulations to…. *drumroll!*

and meg_math!

You three found the most deaths levitra 20 mg with overnight delivery in Episode 4 of our entrants, good job on dying! 😉

And for the full list of new deaths in Episode 4…

(spoilers ahead!)

Isle of the Sacred Mountain

    Using the carpet on the Isle of the Sacred Mountain
    Falling off the Artist’s Boulevard
    Walking out of the Throne Room
    Taking off the shoes while flying
    Hand on the statue (death by narrator)

    Isle of the Beast

Falling down the stairs
Falling through the grate
Death by beast

Isle of Wonder

    Returning the wrong King


Reduced to zero health by Shadrack in the fight
Shadrack knocks you off the boat
Shadrack kills Rosella

Thanks to everyone who participated, and the image for the winner’s t-shirts will be coming soon!

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Episode 4 is available NOW!

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The wait is over: Episode 4 is here! Head over to the Episode 4 page to download ‘Tis in My Memory Locked, and You Yourself Shall Keep the Key of It now!

If you already have Episodes 1-3, download the Episode 4 Patch (647  MB)
To download all four Episodes, download the Episodes 1-4 Full Build (1.7GB)

Journey once more as King Graham–and as a second playable character!–to learn more about the secrets of your past and complete the spell to journey into the Dreamworld!

We’ve also got two new contests for this Episode!

The Many Deaths of Episode 4!

A new episode means new deaths, and we’re looking for another list of them!

For this contest, we want you to submit a list of all the unique deaths you can find in Episode 4! What does that mean? It means if it’s a way you could die in a previous episode–like drowning or being bitten by the Black Widow–then it doesn’t count. But if it’s brand new, put down the screen where it happened, how it happened, and copy down the death message it gave you! Submit your list of deaths to–the 3 fans who’ve submitted the most deaths by  Nov. 13th will be the winners! You can submit more than once to make your list longer and increase your chances of winning at any time.

The prize? Each winner will get a t-shirt telling the world how proud they are about killing levitra side effects shivering King Graham!

Watch Out, Graham, a POIsonous Suffer!

There’s a new Suffer loose in the Green Isles–and he’s just FULL of irritating advice!

If you do, take a screenshot of your inventory with the Cedric Suffer in it, and send it to us along with your save file at The first 5 people to correctly find and prove that they found Cedric Suffer will win “The Suffer Lining” mousepads!

Keep an eye on the forums and the blog for updates on the contests, and of course, enjoy the Episode!

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Episode 4 Tagline Winner!

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Congratulations to our Tagline winner….. Mythosopher!

And the Episode 4 tagline is: When it all lies open, hope alone remains.

Excellent work, and good job knowing your Greek mythology, Mythosopher (but with a name like that, we should’ve known)!

And congratulations as well to our two runners-up:
lisapg2: Will the darkness escape or will the light prevail?
JurjenBacker: Some secrets are best left unrevealed…

All three of you will be receiving a mousepad with the artwork of the Episode 4 Promo poster, featuring Mythosopher’s tagline as well as the Episode 4 title and logo!

Thank you to everyone who submitted taglines, and congratulations again to our winner!

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Twitter Tagline contest now open to Facebook Fans!

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Are you a fan of Phoenix Online on Facebook? Good news! The Episode 4 Twitter Tagline contest is now open to our Facebook fans! Post your submission as a reply to our announcement of this on Facebook and you could win a mousepad with the Episode 4 promo, featuring the winning tagline!

Read the rules and submit your taglines!

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Episode 4 Twitter Tagline Contest!

by on Oct.03, 2011, under contest, tsl

We’re getting closer and closer to the release of Episode 4: ‘Tis in My Memory Locked, and You Yourself Shall Keep the Key of It, and what’s an episode release with a great promotional poster?

After having such a fun time with your submissions for our previous twitter tagline contests, we want more! Starting Oct. 3rd, submit your taglines for our Episode 4 poster, with artwork by the talented Matt Riebold!

Here are the contest rules:
* To participate, you must be a follower of our Twitter account.
* The contest starts on October 3rd and runs through October 13th. Enter as many times as you like!
* To enter a suggestion, just tweet it to our account! Make sure you include ‘@POStudios’ in your tweet.
* Be creative and have fun! Whose hands are on the box? And are they opening it or closing it? Think about the hints given in previous episodes, what questions remain unanswered, or just be dramatic!
* Keep it clean, keep it classy!

We’ll announce the winner(s) on October 15th, and they will receive mousepads with the completed Episode 4 poster image, complete with the Episode title and the winning tagline! Good luck, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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Congratulations Party with Flat Graham winners!

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Congratulations to Lenny318 and m0sh as the winners of this contest! Check out their fun Party with Flat Graham pictures below, and thanks for celebrating our one-year anniversary with us, and Flat Graham!

Lenny318 took Graham along to on vacation….

While m0sh and friends partied with Graham the old-fashioned way!

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TSL Contest: Party with Flat Graham!

by on Jun.10, 2011, under contest, tsl

On July 10th, we’ll be celebrating the one-year anniversary of the release of The Silver Lining’s first episode! It’s been a momentous year for everyone at Phoenix, and as always, we couldn’t have done any of it without the wonderful support of our fans. So let’s celebrate!

We’d like to see how you’re celebrating our one-year TSL-iversary with our good friend, Flat Graham!

To download your own Flat Graham right-click this link and select “Save As” to save it to your desktop, then print him out, color him in, and party! Put together a video, send in a picture, do whatever you’d like to show us how you’re celebrating with Flat Graham. On July 10th, we’ll announce the five Best Partiers, all of whom will receive a free TSL Splash screen mousepad!

Send your entry with your name, forum name, and email to by midnight (EST) on July 5th, 2011. And please share your entries with your fellow fans here in this thread on our forum too! You and Flat Graham can party with up to 2 other people, too!

As always, our rules & guidelines:

– Keep it clean, keep it classy!
– Download and color in Flat Graham
– Pictures, videos, any creative endeavor to show how you’re celebrating is welcome!
– Submissions must be received via email to by midnight EST on July 5th, 2011.
– Submissions must include the following to be considered:
* Name(s) of all team members (up to 3)
* Forum name if applicable
* Email addresses for all team members
– There will be five winners, to be announced on July 10th, 2011 on our website. Members of a team count towards the five person total.
– Winners will also be notified by email.
– The prize for each of the five winners will be a free mousepad with the splash screen image from The Silver Lining on it.
– Winners may decline their prize for any reason. If a winner declines, another winner will be chosen.
– Winners who do not respond with a valid mailing address within ten days will be considered to have declined their prize, and another winner will be chosen in their place.

And as always, have fun! Now get partying! Party!

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The Silver Lining and Beefjack Contest!

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We’re very happy to announce that Phoenix Online and are running a contest on together! There are two ways to participate:

– Win a copy of The Silver Lining Vol. 1 Soundtrack by playing Beefjack’s flash game Collect Things Don’t Die and get on their leaderboard!
– Or win a one of 5 mousepads featuring our lovely splash screen artwork by posting in the King’s Quest favorite moments thread!

Read all the details over at Beefjack!

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