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Moebius: Publishing Pinkerton Road

by on Apr.09, 2014, under developer diary, four winds, moebius


Pinkerton Road was in charge of the direction and lifeline of all development details of Moebius, from the story to every creative decision; however, Phoenix Online takes on the role of both the development and publishing for Moebius. In this blog entry we review most of the publishing processes of manufacturing, inexpensive levitra distribution, localization, and overall marketing efforts. (continue reading…)

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The Derek’s Adventure Continues!

by on Jul.17, 2012, under four winds

A new Derek Recap Video has been posted! Follow his adventure as he escapes from guard dogs and faces the dreadful Lucreto himself! Follow all the excitement here:

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Breaking News: Hassan Has Gone Missing!

by on May.16, 2012, under four winds, tsl

The Captain of the Green Isles ferry has been reported missing!

Stay tuned to the Four Winds for generic levitra no prescription uk updates!

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Four Winds: Derek Karlavaegen Reaches Mordack’s Island!

by on May.03, 2012, under four winds, tsl

Derek’s sent into another report from his journey to find Alhazred–and has found himself on Mordack’s Island, and in great danger!

In other Four Winds news, check out our coverage of King Graham’s participation in the Triple Trident Tournament under the waves, the full story of Serenia’s Weeping Willow, and the announcement of where Rosella & Edgar will exchange vows!

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Four Winds Updates: Derek Karlavaegen is on the run!

by on Apr.16, 2012, under four winds, tsl

Following the prison break of former Vizier Abdul Alhazred, Four Winds’ visiting reporter and finder of the Eye Between Worlds Derek Karlavaegen is on the run and suspected of aiding in the criminal’s escape! Read the updates on Derek’s case at the Four Winds blog as he reports from locations unknown!

Also, follow our Globe Trekker series for inside looks at the various lands of the world of Daventry, and enjoy our coverage of the location scouting for Rosella and Edgar’s wedding!

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Extra, extra! Four levitra at walmart Winds covers Mint Recall, Heroic Owl!

by on Nov.04, 2011, under four winds, tsl

The Four Winds closes out Issue 4 with the News in Brief: the recent Mint Recall, and a tale of a Heroic Owl

Read all about it!

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Extra, extra! Four Winds exclusive tour of the Isle of the Sacred Mountain!

by on Sep.26, 2011, under four winds, tsl

Four Winds’ intrepid reporter Kurt Rayner was invited to an exclusive tour for a first look at the Isle never before open to humans! Hear all about the amazing sights of the City of the Winged Ones and his once-in-a-lifetime tour!

Read all about it!

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Extra, extra! Four Winds runs the latest Ask Crispin Column!

by on Aug.30, 2011, under four winds, tsl

Come one, come all, and have your magical quandries and questions answered by the one and only Crispin! See Crispin’s latest advice in our latest edition!

Read all about it!

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Extra, extra! Four Winds reports on new developments in Tamir!

by on Aug.02, 2011, under four winds, tsl

The Four Winds’ newest reporter has an in-depth look at Tamir, the beautiful land once saved from evil by Princess Rosella, and the developments that have taken place there since Lolotte’s demise.

Read all about it!

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Extra, extra! Four Winds covers the wedding of Beauty & the Beast!

by on Jul.13, 2011, under four winds, tsl

Prince Cocteau the Thrice-Blessed, formerly the Beast of the Isle of the Beast, has married his lady love, Beauty! The Four Winds was there to cover this heart-warming event and get an inside look at the island that has been a mystery for many for so long.

Read all about it!

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