Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim Character Sketches

by on Mar.02, 2016, under Cornerstone, developer diary, featured

As we saw in last week’s Developer Diary, Cornerstone is filled with quirky and interesting characters of all kinds, from the main character of Tyrim to the people and creatures he’ll encounter on the way. This week, let’s see how some of them changed over the course of development!


Tyrim has gone through some changes since his conception and even since he was first seen in the Cornerstone Kickstarter. Below you can see cheap cialis india some of his evolution into his final look for the game.


Yngvar is someone you encounter early on in the game, an Older Viking who teaches Tyrim how to fight. The developers kept a distinct style that they carried from the concept art through to the 3D versions of their characters.

Alma, Tyrim’s Mother

Tyrim lives with his mother, Alma, and his twin sisters on Borja; below are some early buy cialis in usa concepts for Alma. 


It wouldn’t be a role-playing adventure game without some skeletons to fight!


On the island of Gou-Hai, the temple is guarded by fierce Samurai. They are quick to attack and carry fuel barrels on their backs to use in a dangerous fire-breathing attack!


The mysterious hooded figures known as Rocklovers are an ancient cult that specializes in elemental summoning.

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