Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim – Explore the Islands of Nygard!

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Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim is set in the world of Nygard, where Tyrim will cost levitra explore 8 unique islands on his quest. Let’s take a closer look at some of them!



Tyrim’s quest begins on his home island of Borja, where the Vikings live. A lush and green island, it was originally called Borjana in the game and was listed as such on the map for most of development. Only the village was called levitra cost of sales Borja.  It ended up getting too confusing because the “na” just wasn’t enough to distinguish them clearly in conversation, so now the island and village share the name of Borja.



The dwelling place of the mysterious Rock-lovers, Rockwell is an underground stronghold and library where Tyrim must sneak carefully to avoid detection and travel vertically to explore the full island.

Above ground on the island are fiery exploding skeletons. Testing this section proved quite challenging for QA, leading to giving players more of a heads up about the upcoming explosions so the section was a little more forgiving!


Himama is a smaller outpost island with connections to the island how to get viagra from canada of Himalu, and currently inhabited by bandits!


A large desert island, Mokaga is littered with ancient ruins, huge bones bleached in the sun, and small villages built around oases.

Here, Tyrim travels through the dunes on his windsurfer!

The Veil

Mystery shrouds this mysterious, misty island…






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