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Superheroes are the shining beacons of humanity, symbols of which we all should look up to. However, what if we were to take a hero’s sense of duty and follow its path to a satirical extreme? This is the basic concept behind No Bull IntentionsSupreme League of Patriots, creating a world where those who should be held to the highest of standards, are suddenly more preoccupied with fighting their pet peeves.

This holds especially true for Kyle Keever, a mild-mannered aspiring actor who suffers a head injury while auditioning for America’s Got Superpowers. Now, he’s become the Purple Patriot, a hero with the powers of flight, superhuman strength and intolerance for anyone who doesn’t fit his alter-ego’s pre-conceived notions. Joining the Patriot is Mel, a sarcastic, quick-witted liberal who is both the voice of reason and the perfect foil for the overly intolerant and often hypocritical Patriot.

Of course, the Patriot isn’t quite as capable of fighting crime as he would like to believe, so more often than not, cartoon-logic puzzles are key to getting out of a bad situation. Luckily for him, Mel can often provide sage advice along with his dry humor.

Satire can take on many forms and in Supreme League of Patriots’ case, every superhero seems to constantly challenge the Purple Patriot’s worldviews. From the overly politically correct, Bleeding Heart to a flamboyant superhero who always ensures our main character is the butt of every joke.

The humor in Supreme League of Patriots is very political but also very clear in its intentions; the Purple Patriot embodies the most extreme examples of conservative views and in turn ensures players will laugh AT the aspiring superhero. Not every joke is political though, as Supreme League also includes slapstick (often aimed at our main character), pop-culture references and even throws a few jabs at reality TV.


Complementing its over-the-top characters and situations is a colorful comic book inspired art style. Character designs are often very angular, reminiscent of DC comics’ Bruce Timm designs while featuring bright and varied backgrounds.

The rich visuals and characters further enhanced by a terrific soundtrack, composed by Jake ‘Virt’ Kaufman of Shovel Knight, Contra 4 and Ducktales fame. His style lends the game a 70s vibe by introducing a constant stream of funk, jazz even soul music throughout the Patriot’s misadventures.

Supreme League of Patriots provides a cartoonish romp through a world where superheroes are not be as capable as we remember them, but at least they’ve memorized every episode of Knight Rider ever made.  Surely that counts for something?

Gonçalo Gonçalves
Social Media Associate
Phoenix Online Studios

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