Moebius: Can You Decipher The Pattern?

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What is the Moebius Theory? In the most simple terms, it is the existence of buy brand viagra recurring patterns throughout history. Similarities between an event or person in one time period often times eerily coincide with those in another. Most people believe that space/time is linear, but that is not the case when dealing with Moebius. This theory posits that events ripple through the ages, causing identical or near-identical repetitions in different eras.

This is what is commonly referred to as “a bad thing”.

One could easily mistake this with the idea of reincarnation, where someone believes use levitra that they actually are another person from history, as if their soul traveled into another body upon death. While similar, there are still some considerable differences between the two concepts. The Moebius Theory states that patterns repeat over and over, but the person rarely believes that they in fact are the person with whom their life pattern matches. It acts more like destiny than anything else.

Benedict de Mont Froi, father of the Moebius Theory

The Greek philosopher Parmenides was the first to hint at this phenomenon, but the medieval monk Benedict de Mont Froi was the first to develop cialis dosagem it into a working theory. Since it would have been considered heretical at the time, this work was never published and hidden away from the church. Over time it would be found and lost again until it finally landed in the hands of German scientist Dr. Wilhelm dreampharmaceuticalscom levitra order Rarick in the 1920s. From that point on, the theory was further refined and developed by several nations in the world.

The technology to sale online viagra ie detect these patterns is still very much in its infancy today. It’s able to narrow down potential pairings between past and present, however, there remains much to refine to make the process and results more accurate.

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