Moebius: Empire Rising Price Drop to $14.99!

by on Sep.01, 2015, under featured, moebius

Exciting news today! We’ve dropped the price on Jane Jensen’s Moebius: Empire Rising┬áto just $14.99! Available for PC & Mac, the newest adventure from the Sierra On-line veteran features a globe-trotting adventure that introduces Malachi Rector, an acerbic antiques appraiser from Manhattan, who’s been hired by a cryptic government agency with a fixation on notable historical figures to find a specific woman whom even they cannot yet identify. As Malachi continues his search, however, he encounters repeated assassination attempts along with strange headaches and visions. What are his employers really looking for? Who keeps trying to kill him, and how does his newly-hired bodyguard John Walker fit into this?

First released in April 2014, Moebius is available now in the Phoenix Online Store as well as on Steam,, the Humble Bundle Store, and other online retailers.

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