Phoenix values: Perserverance and Communication

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We continue to celebrate 10 years in this anniversary month special, and reviewing what we have shared from Phoenix previously we have defined our purpose: Crafting dreams with stories and hardwork. Building hope and evolving through hardship while we support ourselves in what we believe.

We have also integrated core values to our purpose, from which we can understand:

Belonging. We are a community; People matter.

Growth. Compromise with learning and creativity.

And today we shall present two more: Perseverance and Communication.

The ever expanding Phoenix family, now with Phoenix Online Publishing and friends.

Perseverance comes through determination and hard work. Defined as the endurance of persistency within an action driven with meaning, every single thing we do comes tangled with a purpose and direction which comes from the heart and soul of what we, as a community, continue to grow towards – from learning to teaching, from the concept to delivering in that one final deadline.

Not just the fact that we understand having a purpose is important, but including the meaning of having chosen that decision that settles down the purpose as that abstract thought that comes through the consciousness of a dream, of nothing but progress of hard work.

The love grows, from Phoenix Online Studios development games to our new Publishing famly.

Moving away from the concept, this becomes much more clear if we recognize every single step of the way – coming as a community, and growing as a fandom ourselves, there is plenty of love and passion towards the craft regardless of the limitations at hand, such as a lack of resources or finances to accomplish the idea.  It may not be ideally how we would dream of it, however nothing is ever perfect. It is far more important to get things done while we assess the achievements and flaws.

It all comes down to the fact that we chose to get it done, and we just would not stop until we would exhaust every single option just to accomplish that one dream. We understand we are not perfect; we make room for adaptability, mistakes, and creatively grow in and out of our comfort zone. It becomes a fine line of a mental strength and practice – perseverance alone won’t grant us quality, however without it it is impossible to be the best we can be, and it has been the key to our fortitude throughout all these years.

Communication. Respect and responsibilities. As a business person who has put many years into different industries in different countries, one thing has always been quite clear – companies are people. There are about a thousand different elements that come into the concept of what communication would grasp, from the communication defined inside the team to the communication shared with the community outside the team; while we are all Phoenix, it does come in different ways, expectations, and responsibilities.

When dealing directly with our own team family, we speak to someone with a hope, a dream, and the responsibility comes with respect, clarity, and human values. We work together, we grow together, and most important of all we make things happen together so our team becomes like our family. Sometimes we spend more time with them than with anyone else and we share the work but also the joys and hardships together.

As if I could do one of these blogs without including a photo like this. Nothing but love here!


It is safe to say that every single team member inside Phoenix communicates nonstop from Monday to Friday. From the production meetings, to the individual team meetings, to the director’s meetings and the specific event gatherings – there are different levels of communication, and the frequency and purpose of each is what gets things flowing. It is not ideal – far from perfect I would say – mostly because we don’t have the virtue of sitting down in the same office together. However, the internet does provide a solid gateway to keep us connected, and we get as much as we can from it.

Now, when we reach out to the community outside the team there are different responsibilities involved from which respect, honesty, and most important of all receptiveness comes into play. Unlike the people inside the team, most people following us don’t have the same intrinsic obligation to keep connected with us, but the fact they chose to and they actually follow through is what keep us going to improve and better ourselves to become much more open minded, to listen better, and to hopefully connect in ways to weight what the team does and what the team dreams to everyone else’s hopes and expectations of us. It is somewhat challenging, I must say sometimes people compare us with long time developers and well known games, while deep down we know we have got yet to learn to earn our way into something like that. Quite humbling, but also somewhat formidable to go through.

More of the people we love, including one big fat finger cameo courtesy of Cesar. Head honcho has magnificent photographic skills.


Having said that, having something to say and having a platform with which to say it only makes for maybe half the effort – how you say it is exactly what is going to make the difference in whether people connect, care or engage. Nothing is more important than knowing you are being understood, but that is nobody’s responsibility but our own. We do want to inspire others to dream and most importantly to dream with us, but we need to open up and invite everyone to come along, whether that is someone that works everyday with you, or someone that is out there supporting what you do.

Perseverance and Communication are part of the values we believe in. We are not afraid of hard work, we have grown through it because of it, and communication has been the glue that has kept us together for so many years. It is impossible to foresee any belonging or growth without either of them combined.

Say Mistage
Social Media Director
Phoenix Online Studios


Belonging. Because we are a community, people matter.
Growth, a compromise with learning and creativity.
Perseverance. Determination and hard work.
Communication. Respect and responsibilities.

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