Summary of King’s Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

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Just 4 more days until Release Day!

The sixth installment of the original King’s Quest series is widely held to be the peak of the series. With amazing professional voice talent, graphics, music, a wonderfully compelling and well-told story, and some interesting replay value with the two ‘paths’ the player could take to win the game (not to mention a variety of ending scenes based on your choices throughout the game), KQVI has been a fan favorite since it came out in 1992.

The story begins with a lovelorn Prince Alexander, pining for a girl he knew all too briefly…

King’s Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow


Still wondering what could have been, Prince Alexander sat alone in the throne room of Castle Daventry. He could not get the Princess Cassima, whom he previously met in Mordack’s castle, out of his mind. For months he searched for a way to find the Land of the Green Isles but had no luck. It was almost as if it didn’t exist! Suddenly, the Magic Mirror lit up and a voice called the prince’s name. He moved closer to the Mirror and saw Cassima leaning out her chamber window, staring up at the stars, calling his name forlornly. Alexander was unable to speak with her but by following the stars outside, he could at last find the Land of the Green Isles.

Alexander sailed for three long months before he finally spotted land off on the horizon. As the sun set, a huge storm descended upon the ship, sending it into the rocky coast line. Alexander awoke on a beach surrounded by wreckage and with no idea of where he was. He traveled to the castle in the distance and met with Vizier Abdul Alhazred of the Land of the Green Isles. Relieved to be in the right place, Alexander inquired about Cassima but was not permitted to see her. He learned that Cassima’s parents died suddenly before she returned and she was currently sequestered in mourning. Even worse, and supposedly in accordance with their wishes, she was soon to wed the Vizier! Alexander was escorted from the palace but refused to leave the island until he had spoken with Cassima. Something just wasn’t right here, Alexander could feel it.

The misplaced prince went about exploring the Isles, meeting many interesting folk, some strange, some friendly, some helpful, and everything in between. There were five islands in this kingdom: The Isle of the Crown, where he had washed up and where the castle was located; the Isle of Wonder, where creatures that were strangely literal lived, along with the citizens of Chessboard Land; the Isle of the Beast, guarded by deadly traps intended to keep visitors from finding the enchanted prince who was stuck in the form of a Beast there; the Isle of the Sacred Mountain, home to the haughty and proud Winged Ones who were being terrorized by a Minotaur; and the hidden and mysterious Isle of Mists, home to the druids who worshipped Mother Nature.

In his travels, Alexander learned that each Isle had a precious treasure missing, presumed to be stolen by another Isle, which had lead to feuding and made travel and trust difficult. With the help of a magic map, however, he was able to visit the other islands and help their citizens with many of their problems. He settled a dispute between the Red and White Queens of Chessboard Land, and helped Beast return to humanity by finding love with a kind peasant girl named Beauty. On the Isle of the Sacred Mountain, he saved the daughter of the rulers of the Winged Ones from the horrible Minotaur in their sacred catacombs, fulfilling one of their prophecies. Alexander was given a chance to see the Oracle and through her, learned more about what lay ahead for him and how to see the Princess Cassima.

Seeking answers about Cassima’s murdered parents, Alexander found himself beyond life itself in the Realm of the Dead. King Caliphim and Queen Allaria told their tale of despair, betrayal, and fear as they described their murder by the Vizier and his plans for their daughter. Alexander demanded an audience with the Lord of Death, challenged him, and won both his freedom and the freedom of Cassima’s parents. Alexander brought them back and fully alive to the Isle of the Crown as they formulated a plan to take back the castle.

Alexander, who was not allowed back into the castle, snuck in through the basement by conjuring a magical doorway. Much was hidden down here, including the very items the Islands were feuding about, stolen in truth by the Vizier’s genie, as well as a secret passageway leading between the walls of the palace. As Alexander climbed higher into the palace, he spoke with Cassima at long last, only to be helpless as she was dragged off to her wedding. Alexander also learned that the Vizier was not working alone, but with an evil wizard named Shadrack and a “Society of the Black Cloak,” and that he planned to kill the Princess after the wedding. Stealing evidence of the Vizier’s treachery, the prince rushed to the main hall as wedding music began to play.

Showing the guard dog Captain Saladin the evidence, Alexander gained entrance into the wedding ceremony, with Cassima’s parents close behind. It was revealed that Alhazred’s genie, Shamir Shamazel, was disguised as Cassima in order to fake the ceremony! A fight ensued, and Alexander chased the villain Alhazred to a tower room where the real Cassima was being kept. A dangerous fight ensued, and Alexander was nearly killed, but with Cassima’s help, the Vizier was defeated, arrested, and dragged to the dungeon.

Having come so far and so near death, Alexander lost no time in professing his love to Cassima, who returned his feelings of love and agreed then and there to marry him. Within a week, the castle was filled with friends and family as the two were wed by Captain Saladin. In a bittersweet moment, Cassima’s parents stepped down from their thrones and offered the crown to Alexander and Cassima. The couple gladly accepted, eager to help heal the wounds Alhazred had wrought in the kingdom. Bright times lay ahead, for the Land of the Green Isles was on the road toward recovery and prosperity once more.

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  • Jules

    The first Adventure Game I ever played, still my favorite game ever. And I have a compulsive urge to play it almost once per year. I can’t wait for TSL!!!!!