Summary of King’s Quest VII: The Princeless Bride

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King’s Quest VII was a very different game from the ones that came immediately before it. With this game, the series tried out a single-parser interface, and opted for an animated, Disney-like style rather than the 256-VGA graphics of V and VI. As well, it was the first game in which you played not one but two characters: Princess Rosella, and for the first time ever, her mother Queen Valanice!

The two women of Daventry’s Royal Family were pulled into an unexpected journey in a strange and lively new world called Etheria when Rosella grew bored of her mother’s attempts to find her a husband….

King’s Quest VII: The Princeless Bride

While Queen Valanice was in the process of lecturing Princess Rosella, her rebellious and adventure-seeking daughter was busy admiring her reflection and making faces in a pond in the woods near Castle Daventry. Suddenly, a miniature dragon darted out of the water. Rosella watched the dragonet for a few seconds, trying to capture it before it dipped back into the water, where the princess could see a beautiful castle in the clouds. With barely a moment’s hesitation, Rosella jumped in, determined to follow the magical creature and find this lovely castle. Hearing this, Valanice looked around in alarm, then leapt in after her daughter. Rather than finding themselves diving underwater, however, the two women fell through some kind of magical vortex. When Valanice tried to reach for her daughter’s hand, a burly, warty arm reached out, grabbed Rosella by the wrist, and pulled her away, through the walls of whirling colors where Valanice could not follow.

The Queen ended up landing in a desert in the land of Eldritch, while Rosella found herself in the Vulcanix Underground, transformed into a troll, and engaged to Otar, the Troll King. As Valanice and Rosella attempted to find each other, they soon discovered that all of Eldritch was in danger. The evil fairy Malicia had attacked or imprisoned the leaders of the different lands of Eldritch, and was plotting to destroy all of Eldritch as well as the cloud kingdom of Etheria by causing a volcanic eruption. Upon learning this, Valanice and Rosella, along with King Otar and other allies, joined together to fight Malicia and save Eldritch while they searched for one another.

After getting herself back to human form, Rosella discovered that the King Otar who had kidnapped her was an imposter, and the real king had been trapped in the land of Ooga Booga. She rescued him and eventually they found their way back to the Vulcanix Underground after stealing a strange but powerful device from Malicia. In the control room of the almost-erupting volcano, the two kings fought until Rosella used a magical wand on the imposter. To everyone’s great surprise, he turned into Edgar, the prince whom she had saved once before in Tamir! He did not have any memory what had happened, but before Rosella was able to explain, Malicia appeared, knocking the troll king unconcious, sweeping Edgar away with a strong magical wind, and sending Rosella deep into the belly of the volcano. The resourceful Princess was able to dig her way out, while Edgar found Valanice.

Valanice herself had been making valiant efforts to save the kingdom of Eldritch. She reunited Lord Tsepish and his wife in Ooga Booga, and journeyed to Etheria and then the realm of dreams to warn Lady Mab about the volcano with the help of the Fates themselves. Mab aided her in warning the Four Winds (Borasco, Gharbi, Levanter, and Zephyr), who then brought Queen Titania and King Oberon to help hold back the eruption.

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After Rosella escaped from the volcano, she awakened King Otar and he jumped to the controls to bring the lava level back down–they were safe at last! Valanice and Edgar hurried to the control room, where mother and daughter were reunited at last. While Rosella tried to explain what had happened, Malicia reappeared, interrupting the happy group. Edgar deflected one of her magical attacks, but the evil fairy killed him with another. Quickly, Rosella used the strange device she had reclaimed earlier and aimed it at Malicia. A beam of light emitted from the device, transforming Malicia into a harmless baby! Rosella then acted to save Edgar with the extra life she’d been given when she saved a black cat in Ooga Booga, reviving him just as his own parents, Oberon and Titania, joined them. Things finally became clear as the rulers explained–Edgar, kidnapped long ago by Lolotte, was stolen from them during the celebrations for his return by his wicked aunt, Malicia, and transformed as part of her scheme. They put all their efforts into searching for him, leaving much of their kingdom vulnerable to Malicia’s attacks. Edgar apologized to Rosella again for kidnapping her, but Rosella was no longer upset with him, and asked him to show her the sights of Etheria, the images of which had drawn her into that pond in the first place.

As the pair looked out at Etheria from the palace in the clouds, Edgar professed that he still loved Rosella and had since he’d first met her in Tamir. He boldly asked for permission to court her, and this time the princess gladly agreed. As the couple kissed, the kingdom celebrated the victory over Malicia and the volcano, and the return at last of their lost prince!

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