Telltale announces King’s Quest Reboot

by on Feb.18, 2011, under news, tsl

We have heard about Telltale’s announcement, and we’re excited to see where it goes! It’s great that the series will be getting an official continuation, and TTG has made some great adventure games that have been reviving not only classic franchises but the genre overall. We love the work they’re doing, and of course our own game has been influenced by their episodic model.

We’ll still be completing The Silver Lining as planned. (In a funny twist of fate, Episode 3 just launched yesterday, while this announcement was going down!) We like to think that TSL has helped show that the fans are still eager for more KQ, so it’s great to see the life in this series returning in an official way.

It’s definitely a great month to be a King’s Quest fan!

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