To Our Fans

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June 26th, 2010

To Our Fans:

They say lightning never strikes twice, but once again, you’ve proven them wrong.

We are extremely happy to announce that our project, The Silver Lining, will definitely see the light of day!

In a wonderful turn of events, Activision reached out to the Phoenix Online team a few months ago with a desire to revisit their decision regarding The Silver Lining. After negotiations, the C&D has been officially rescinded, and Phoenix Online has been granted a non-commercial license to release The Silver Lining!

Our team is ecstatic about this, and as hard as we’ve worked for 8 years, it’s the tireless belief and support of you, our fans, that has made this possible. We want to give special thanks to the Save The Silver Lining team, who put together and ran an amazing and organized campaign, and rallied cialis daily availability our fantastic fans to make a difference. You made it possible once, and now we’ve done what seemed impossible for a second time! The support we received from all of you was amazing and honestly blew us away. We always knew we had some of the best fans out there, but even so, wow! We will always be grateful for your unending belief discount viagra australia in us.

And that’s not the only good news we have for you: the first episode of The Silver Lining will be released in just two weeks on July 10th! The long wait is almost over, and we couldn’t have done it without you!

All Our Thanks!

The Silver Lining Development Team

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  • Sslaxx

    The quote on the countdown page made it sound like you were going to do a rewrite sans Vivendi’s IP. But considering all the bad press Activision have had lately, even a little bit of positive PR will be good for them.

  • Nefrene

    Thank you for putting so much effort in restoring a historic game!

  • Steven

    This is brilliant! Congratulations to all the devs and the people who worked tirelessly to make this a reality!

  • Jarrod Cole

    I read this and I started to cry I kid you not. I am 38 years old and Kings Quest was the first game that I ever played on the PC when I was 12, so as you can imagine it holds a special place in my heart along with all the other awesome adventure games from back then. When I first heard of this fan game being made I was overjoyed to say the least, but later when Vivendi shut yall down I heart broken as I was really looking forward to this game. Then again when Activision shut you down I was angry as hell, as I already hated Activision for things they had been doing on the console side of things, but when I just read that you were given a non-commercial license I was so overjoyed and happy that I started to cry.

    I personally think adventure games are starting to make a comeback with PSN and Live both getting adventure games to download. And I for one say it’s about damn time!

  • Ruben van der Leun

    I’m absolutely speechless. Congratulations, and can’t wait to see the first episode in action.

  • TheChaos0

    HOORAY! Is all I can say! Well done guys for finally getting through this last hurdle!

  • Jorge

    Phoenix Online Team,

    We thank you for never giving up as well. Through everything you have persevered and never given up. We are all finally seeing the true Silver Lining to this whole project. I am glad that all your hard work was not in vein and your project will indeed see the light of day finally. Congrats!

    Thank you,
    TSL Fan

  • Haids1987

    I’m so excited, guys! Bask in the glory of this release, you’ve earned it!