In-suffer-able Companions Winners!

by on Dec.02, 2010, under contest, tsl

We had three really fun entries from viagra mail order usa our contestants for this one, and thank you everyone for participating! Honestly, we laughed at all three and thought they were very creative.

So much so, in fact, that it occurred to us–three new Suffers…three remaining episodes…why choose when we could use all three?

So that’s what we’re doing!

Congratulations to Kimmie, tessspoon, and jeymian! All three of you are winners! Your different Suffer Companions–Baby Suffer, Voodoo Suffer, and Cedric Suffer–will appear in the three remaining episodes of The Silver Lining! As for which show up how strong is 5 mg of cialis where, well, everyone will just have to play and hunt down the Suffers to find out!

Great job all of you, again, and enjoy your Santa Suffer prizes Let’s hear it for our winners!

Santa Suffer!

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