10/1/14 - Gabriel Knight: The Game Changer

In a time when adventure games relied on high fantasy, science fiction and humor, Gabriel knight took a multitude of risks. It dealt with religion, dipped in one of the most controversial periods in western history and did not shy away from mature themes. It was a brave entry in a medium that at the time was still often viewed as childish and immature.

09/26/14 - Rediscover the Adventure: The Gabriel Knight Legacy

With the upcoming launch of the 20th Anniversary Edition, we asked several prominent indie developers and adventure gaming legends their experiences with the Gabriel Knight franchise.

09/25/14 - Gabriel Knight Exclusive Giveaway

We are giving away a boxed copy of the original Gabriel Knight signed by Jane Jensen.


October 1, 2014 - Gabriel Knight: The Game Changer

Considered as a break from past Sierra games, Gabriel Knight – Sins of the Fathers’ plot centered around a novelist researching on voodoo related material for his new book. Taking place in then-present day New Orleans allowed Jane Jensen to weave a setting with a strong backstory and personality. Voodoo in New Orleans is closely tied to African religions, Christianity and slave trading – topics which even to this day most media tend to shy away from.


Moebius Empire Rising

Moebius Empire Rising

Moebius Empire Rising

Moebius Empire Rising

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